Our Process

1. We listen

It has to be about you.

A remodel is not a small or simple project. It certainly takes planning, sourcing and skill. But the most important component, as in most situations, is communication. During the process we have plenty of time to speak, which is why we start with a focus on listening. It’s your remodel. Only you can lead.

2. We Design

Your inspiration becomes our motivation

Once we know you, we can put your ideas into an inspired design that not only works for you, but reflects you. We work carefully with the space given to translate wants and needs into a beautiful but fully functional room you love.

3. We Refine

We work togeter until it’s right.

There is a tug-o-war between desire and design. The laws of physics will always have the last say. They don’t need to end a goal, but sometimes you need to find another route. So once our design is complete, we revisit every part with you to make sure your vision stays intact.

4. We Build

A brilliant plan is only as good as it’s execution.

We realize that by working with us at Riverstone, you’re inviting us into your home. As your guest, we take great care to insure we protect the rest of your home, and leave it far better than we found it.

We work hard to manage any surprises, and still get the job done on time. And when we do, you’ll be left with a beautiful new space you’ll love to live in.


So are you convinced? Are you ready?